A young matador struggles with his craft as bullfighting threatens not only his life but his emotional and spiritual existence. 


Torero, more commonly known as bullfighting, is an ancient performance art which has influenced aspects of every culture in the world. The spectacle itself is dangerous and brutal, yet sophisticated and rich with details dating back more than five thousand years. Matadors are often wounded and sometimes killed as they strive to prove themselves against one of the most mighty creatures known to man. They frequently originate from generations of families which have raised bulls or have participated in bullfighting. However, in today’s world this performance art is extremely polarized and many think its time should come to an end. 

Set in Madrid (2007), a matador by the name of Mateo Garcia is expected to become a great bullfighter like his father. Mateo lacks conviction and as he ages he begins to resent his predestination. His mental stability falters and the pressure of greatness alongside his soft nature leads him to turn to Christ for absolution. The pain he caused to countless bulls plagues him as he begins a down-ward spiral of insanity, ultimately leading to death. He does not fear but embraces the process which he believes is an offering to God.

As Mateo prepares for his most important fight of the season he arrives at a breaking point. Years prior, his father died in the same arena he is to fight in later that day. Mateo pleads with God in the hopes that he will grant him strength, but God does not answer. The mental collapse leads him to enter a state of purgatory where his past opponents finally catch and deliver him to his maker.